The Tower of Babel – Introduction

The Tower of Babel, built by Nimrod, the King of Shinar as a show of defiance toward God. God, for whatever reason he may have had, sabatoged the tower by giving man different languages. Many years later, God is no more and humans built the tower again, so high it connected the planet to it’s nearest moon. It has a grand total of about fifty million floors, with about thirty million uncounted that are used for oxygen production and other various maintainance-type things.
The tower is sectioned into four main groups: Planetside, Outer Planetside, Outer Moonside and Moonside. The closer to Planetside or Moonside you live, the pricier your homes are. Real gravity doesn’t hold a candle to the artificial stuff we have on the Outsides. Every floor is broken up by a zero-g area. You literally have to jump into freefall if you want to leave your level. From there you can take any of the hundreds of elevators to the freefall connected to the level you’re looking for. Then you have to line yourself up with the ground and just push yourself back into gravity. Everyone falls the first dozen times they do it, but you get used to it. The only benefit to living in the Outside is sunlight. The inner walls are translucent, so every 24 hours or so we get real, natural sunlight. That’s not to say you can’t go to the surface and walk through the park outside the tower, which most of us do at least once or twice a year, but really, the artificial sunlight can only do so much.
I live at OP4125386-32. That would be Outer Planetside, Level 4,125,386, house 32. My friends and I got lucky. A flu swept through the level, which used to be full of Senior Citizens. Many of them died and their homes sold for cheap, fear of the flu and all that. Poor saps, three years later and my friends and I are still kicking and driving these geezers crazy. I’m shocked we haven’t killed them all from stress yet.
Oh, my name? Dherron Greenwheel. I’m part of the Netcaster Program at AXZ Corporation. Yeah, we all pronounce it axis, too. Aoi, Xente and Zeal, the masterminds behind the Tower of Babel have an understandably huge presence here. They recently opened up some positions in the Netcaster Program and I was lucky enough to qualify for it. It’s really cool, actually. Technology meets fantasy. I can control electronics with my mind. Nanomachines in my body can create a ton of effects that just scream magic. Seriously, fire from my hands. It’s that cool. Some of the guys that’ve been in the program longer than me can even fake telekinesis. Or maybe it’s real, I don’t have the clearance to know how it works yet.
Of course, there’s a reason I’m telling you all this. Not just to get you aquainted with how we live, but you need to know about our close society. We may have a couple square miles per level, but that’s tiny and insignificant when you think about how little room there is to actually run. Unless you want to run in circles, of course. There’s surprisingly little space to hide if you’re wanted. And as of last night, I’m wanted.

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