Untitled – Kino’s Story

Alright. If I’m going to tell you my story, we’re going to get one thing straight right here, right now. Time travel does not exist. At least as everyone knows it. Everyone thinks you can just build a machine and pop into the past, make some changes and then go back to your future with all these cool little changes. No, it doesn’t work like that.

Picture time as it actually is, a line. If you were to ‘hop back in time’, as it were, you would create a line from where you started to where you were. In essence, you would create a circle. Now that you’re in the past, you’ve changed the past. In your past, there was no you. In the current past, there is. If you went to the future now, the future would not be the one you left. It may be similar, it may be nearly identical, down to the smallest detail, but it will not be your future.

Now that you’ve gone to the past, your timeline includes that loop. Here’s where the romanticised concept of time travel begins to fail. If you went to the past to change something, say, stop someone from dying or give yourself money, once you’ve done that, there’s no reason for you to go in the past anymore. But if you are not in the past, the future cannot exist. Thus, a paradox is created.

In reality, time travel is actually dimensional travel. Go back to your picture of time as just a line. Now think of any life choice you made you think was big. Like picking a college, if you should ask a girl out, if you should propose. Put dots on your line for each of these choices and draw a line from them. These new lines are dimensions where you made a different choice. Lost yet? No? Then lets add a dot for every decision you’ve made in your lifetime. What time you got out of bed this morning, what you had for breakfast, if you took a shower, what clothes you put on, which socks, which shoes, how you brushed your hair, which radio station you listened to in the car, which route you took to work. Then add all these dots to the lines you’re already adding. This branching line you’ve created is just encompassing you, in the last few hours. Try creating a branch of your week, your month, your year. Try creating a branch of your neighborhood, your city, your state. The possibilities are endless.

Time travellers have entirely the wrong idea. They only travel along the line their world has gone through. It’s easy to add a new point on the web, create a new thread where they are in the past and future, where they save the loved one or came across lots of money. And while they won’t change their old future, they won’t be returning to it, either. They have a beautiful new future awaiting them with love and riches awaiting them.

An intelligent man would instead create a machine that allows them to explore the web itself, see what could have been, not just create changes here and there. Time travellers are just short sighted is all. My name is Kino Kincaid. I travel the dimensions.

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